Who are asbir.com.au in Australia?

ASBIR is a commercial building inspection in Brisbane, Australia. They can help you to inspect your building’s health. As a result, your building lasts longer.

A building may have many types of drawbacks. If you don’t know about them, then your building may be in danger. Hence, you should choose an experienced and trained inspector to inspect your building.


ASBIR inspects residential and commercial buildings. They can report you about your building’s materials and the strength of your building’s structures (Handover Inspection report).

Your building may have been attacked by termites or pests. In that case, ASBIR company can report you about your entire building’s condition (Pest Inspection report).

Repair works can give your building a long life. But, to do that you need experienced eyes. ASBIR can inspect your building and they can give you an accurate report (Maintenance Inspection report).

Apart from that, they also make dilapidation reports, commercial building reports and more in-depth inspection reports. Hence, you can get all types of building inspection reports from ASBIR.


Why Should You Choose ASBIR?



ASBIR has a vast experience. They have been in this business for more than 40 years. Hence, they know how to inspect your building precisely.



This company is licensed. This means they know the exact process to inspect your building. Companies without licenses often conduct a wrong inspection. But, with ASBIR you don’t have to worry about your building’s inspection.


Trained Team

Trained teams hardly make any mistakes. They follow certain steps to inspect your residential and commercial buildings. ASBIR’s trained team do their jobs perfectly. As a result, you get a flawless building inspection report.


Uses Advanced Technologies

A trained team may not be enough to make a perfect report. That’s why ASBIR uses advanced technologies to make their reports. They use 3-D reports, Borescopes, moisture detection devices, thermal imaging, and more technologies.


ASBIR is a reliable and independent building inspection company. They are experienced, licensed and trained. Apart from that, they can provide you a free quote.

So, visit their site and get an in-depth building inspection report. (www.asbir.com.au)




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