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PayLeadr provides customized payment solutions to businesses. It offers credit card processing services to merchants both online and offline. With Payleadr, individuals can accept all kinds of payments including credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, Apple Pay and Android pay. The company is working with FinTech companies like Square to make the transaction process smooth for its users. By connecting these two platforms together it will allow merchants to have a secure connection between their business accounts and the clients’ bank account through which funds are transferred from buyers of goods or services. They help their customers in reducing fraud by providing more layers of security as well as allowing more efficient transactions at a lower rate than other competing websites or applications that do not use this technology platform.


All transactions that a user makes on Payleadr are subject to a small fee, which is charged by the financial institution that they use for credit card processing. This fee is to cover the costs of credit card processing and it ensures fast online transactions, uninterrupted access to funds and better record keeping. These fees vary from one bank or service to another but generally range between 1-4 percent of the transaction cost. In Australia this may vary depending on who you bank with as well as your merchant provider which could affect these prices.

A merchant account enables you to take credit card payments via a bank’s internet banking facility or its own portal e-commerce site.

The benefit of this is the fact that no merchant account is required and you can receive your money almost immediately after processing orders or provide customers with invoices electronically. This also means that you’re able to hold other people’s money in trust while waiting for payment. In other words, sell books on Amazon and then collect your money from their site when they have been processed by them – all without the need to set up any accounts yourself.


In December 2014, PayLeadr acquired Australia’s leading marketplace payments platform Frenzic and since then has been selling their services in several countries around the world including: Canada, USA and Singapore where merchants can accept all types of payments in a fast and easy way. In early 2016 they announced plans to launch their services in Australia as well where merchants can benefit from the latest security technology to protect transactions through Payleadr’s platform.


In order for an online business to be a success there is a wide range of factors it has to consider, among which processing payments is one of the most important ones. Therefore, PayLeadr is focusing its efforts on expanding its team by offering highly skilled professionals new job opportunities allowing them to contribute towards building a better future.

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