Our History

The Plenty Credit Co-Operative limited or as we are affectionately known, the Plenty Community Credit Union, is a community based credit union located across the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne. As our picturesque opening web page signifies we border along the northern Plenty ranges out from the city, north of the Yarra River, covering both suburban and rural districts. Plenty is a *not *for *profit *member owned credit union totally committed to the financial well being of its members now numbering more then 12,000 and rapidly growing.

It all began around 1963 when Parish Credit Unions were formed as St Luke’s Parish in Lalor and St Raphael’s in Preston. In 1972 these two parish Credit Unions, then known as Lalor and District Credit Co-Operative Limited and St Raphael’s West Preston Co-Operative Credit Society Limited, amalgamated to form the Preston-Lalor Credit Co-Operative limited.

In 1985 the name was changed to today’s Plenty Credit Co-Operative Limited. The name ‘Plenty’ has been kept and remains synonymous with the local area i.e.: Plenty River, Plenty Road, Plenty Ranges etc. We started off in 1972 with 732 Members, Deposits of $307,779, Loans of $290,133 and Total Assets of $748,496. Today we are proud to have over 12,000 Members and Total Assets of over $70 million.

We continue to experience strong growth each year which is not only due to our high level of member service ethics, local involvement and extensive sponsorship support but also due to our growth corridor and expansive suburban sprawl heading further north.

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