About Us

Imagine walking into a branch of your own local community financial institution…

  • Where you know the staff because they live in your community
  • And they greet you by your name
  • And ask how you are
  • Because they care, not because someone told them to
  • Where your transactions are handled efficiently and your requests are treated with respect
  • Where the services and advice you receive are exclusively for your benefit, not to squeeze extra fees out of you and boost shareholder profits

You may not be able to get this from your bank. But it’s what you can expect from us because we are part of this community – we live here and work here.

And looking after our members and acting in their best personal and financial interest is why we are here.

Read all about the advantages of membership or learn more about what we offer and how to become a member by clicking on one of the links below.

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  • Our Mission Statement
  • Directors & Staff
  • Disclosure Statements
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